Sinigang sa Miso is yet another variation of well-known Filipino recipe referred to as sinigang, Sinigang is really a soup recipe alternately prepare with pork, shrimp, chicken, beef and seafood. Sinigang is indicated by soup with sour taste, the sourness from the broth produced from tamarind or kamias (pickle tree) fruit when utilized as flavor, now each day you will find several commercial tamarind seasoning available for sale which makes preparation more simpler, before you need to prepare the tamarind and extract the juice to collect sourness for that soup. Filipino provide affection with sour recipe, it may be sweet and sour, pinaksiw na isda, kinilaw na isda. Apart from tamarind and kamias, Filipino usually use guava, raw mango along with other sour taste fruit to flavor sinigang soup.

Sinigang sa miso is yet another popular variation of sinigang recipe, sinigang sa miso was usually prepare using miso, a consequence of soy products bean when creating tofu, sinigang sa miso was prepare only using seafood because the meat recipe, we usually use offshore seafood for example The spanish language Spanish mackerel, Red-colored snapper, or Grouper due to its natural flavor. If you wish to do this scrumptious Filipino soup recipe, heres the way i prepare it.

Sinigang sa Miso Component:

1 kg Seafood (red-colored snapper, grouper, The spanish language spanish mackerel)

2 bundle of mustasa (Mustard) leaves (reduce halves and cleaned)

2-3 tablespoons of minced garlic clove

1 whole onion, peeled and slice

4-5 computers thumbsize ginger root, peeled and cut

2-3 tablespoons of patis

250 gram of tamarind fruit or 2 cube tamarind flavor

1 pc radish, pelled and cut diagonally

Salt to taste


2 computers siling pansigang

1 cup of miso


4 glasses of water

Sinigang sa Miso Technique of Cooking:

Prepare seafood by getting rid of scale, gills and stomach. Clean completely from flowing water, drain and hang aside. Inside a heated deep pan with oil, saut garlic clove, onion and ginger root. Include miso and add patis, cover the pan and simmer for five minute while mixing every so often. Add 4 cup water and produce to boil, simmer then include tamarind fruit to melt, after 5-10 minute when tamarind fruit soften take it out of the pan and transfer into bowl, add hot broth and extract flavor by crushing using ladle, Include juice around the broth by utilizing strainer, repeat exactly the same tactic to gather enough sour flavor from tamarind. Add seafood and produce to boil, simmer for an additional 10 minute until seafood was congratulations. Add salt to taste, vetsin , Mustasa leaves and siling pangsigang. Offered sinigang sa Miso with hot steamy grain, prepare patis with sili and calamansi juice like a flavor, enjoy.