The Father Of The Oleander Soup Cancer Remedy


In the last article An Incredible Discovery in Poultry, I referred to how Physician H. Z. Ozel discovered a time old fix for cancer along with other conditions in rural Poultry in early 1960’s and, after effectively dealing with 1000’s of patients in the last 4 decades, Dr. Ozel patented the medication also it was joined into Food and drug administration tests. Regrettably, after passing phase I tests, the patented medicine referred to as Anvirzel’ has languished for insufficient funding (many think about a the patent, according to a time old remedy and customary plant to become a weak one) and inter-company squabbles also it might be a long time, when, before promising cancer fighter reaches the marketplace being an Food and drug administration approved medicine.

The good thing is that you don’t need to wait for a approved medication, since you can help make your own oleander extract in your own home in your stove, in line with the original patent by Physician Ozel and also the folk remedy that’s been employed for 1000’s of years. Oleander is really a naturally growing plant found all around the southern and north western U . s . States and throughout much around the globe, and when it is not growing naturally in your area, you can find oleander plants from many mail-order plant centers on the web. (You will find also a minimum of three causes of an industrial supplement version I know of, however that will need to wait for future article.)

Yes, you may make your personal oleander remedy, referred to as oleander soup in your own home about as quickly like a large pot of beans, and for your, you are able to thank an individual injuries lawyer through the title of Edward F. Hensley, from Dallas, Texas, whom I call the “Father of Oleander Soup”.

In 2002, Ed’s mother was identified with liver and cancer of the lung, small cell, along with a sister with Hepatitis-C. Ed’s sister, Catrina (Cat), started researching as well as networking together with her buddies for solutions towards the doctor’s prognosis that Betty Hensley only were built with a couple of several weeks to reside. After getting in touch with certainly one of her old buddies, she was told in regards to a clinic in Honduras she could contact and discuss a brand new cancer drug, that was being produced in Dallas. Cat designed a couple of calls and located who to buy the drug from. It cost $1500.00 for any six-week way to obtain that which was known as Anvirzel’. Cat, Erectile dysfunction, as well as their brother John set up the first funds and also the drug was purchased.

Betty have been seeing an oncologist in Dallas, who advised from the perils of chemotherapy, and radiotherapy, cheap in her own advanced stage, it might only have a little possibility of stretching her existence, along with a large possibility of serious unwanted effects, including wrecking her defense mechanisms. Nevertheless, she did try chemo for many days, without any result. Once the Anvirzel’ showed up, she started inserting it with Cat’s help, following a instructions supplied by the physician in Honduras. After three days she went set for new scans together with her oncologist. The brand new films demonstrated the growths both in her lung area and her liver were diminishing. Her physician couldn’t directly have fun playing the injections, but agreed to check out the drug.

Once the six week supply involved gone, and Betty was very sore to begin of her injections, Erectile dysfunction started researching what this new drug is made of, and just what it’s long-term usage likely to do, and price. The Food and drug administration were built with a letter published on its site, warning concerning the drug, produced from the oleander plant, saying it had been misguided and cannot be utilized. Yet, the clinic in Honduras was confirming many effective cures of several kinds of cancer, including juvenile brain cancer.

Erectile dysfunction was firm to discover that which was within the drug, and visited the U.S. Patent office site and investigated while using term Anvirzel’. After several searches, Erectile dysfunction found the patent. It had been about 39 pages of legalese, designed in the word what of patent lawyers, who charge $400 each hour for writing patents, which only lawyers and researchers dare to see.

After several days of part-time study, the patent started to create sense. It had been just a really perplexing, excessively detailed, and exaggerated approach to creating a soup from the leaves and stems of the common plant, oleander. Not a problem. Erectile dysfunction had huge oleander plants in the backyard, that have been very healthy ornamentals with beautiful flowers year-round. Making the soup was as easy as obtaining a soup pot, some clippers, an electrical hot plate, along with a spot to prepare. Ed’s wife, Carol, wouldn’t permit him to prepare it in her own kitchen, so Erectile dysfunction was resigned to his outdoors store room, a 10×18 feet building storing yard tools and periodic sports gear.

After burning several containers of soup since the warmth was excessive, Erectile dysfunction switched lower the warmth, and boiled water and oleander cuttings for four hrs. He then got the leaves and stems, and strained the rest of the broth, using sponges and plastic strainers. Per Dr. Ozel’s method within the patent, he permitted the broth to awesome before pushing. Then he slow boiled the broth until no more than one fifth from the original liquid remained towards the bottom from the 12-quart pot.

Erectile dysfunction measured the particular gravity by having an anti-freeze gauge, which demonstrated the dimensions on the small-scale. It had been where Dr. Ozel suggested within the patent, about as thick as chicken soup broth. Next, 10 feeder rodents were bought and because of the new liquid, which Erectile dysfunction named oleander soup, his or her only supply of liquid for 2 days, with the mouse food they might eat. The rodents acquired weight, were type of lazy, but continued to be alive and searching well.

Ed’s mother involved from her way to obtain Anvirzel’ at that time, so Erectile dysfunction required a container from the soup to Betty’s house for any comparison together with her drug. It looked exactly the same. It sampled exactly the same. The brand new soup was fresh, not freeze dried and re-constituted, and based on Betty, sampled fresher. Erectile dysfunction went first and attempted some, in regards to a teaspoon. Betty then attempted it, going for a teaspoon full. She declared she loved the new version better, which was that. She required dental doses three occasions each day with foods, with diarrhea the only real side-effect, which gone away following a week.

Her tests three days later were surprising, showing the growths remained as diminishing and were almost gone. Per month later, she’d no growths whatsoever. Betty quit using the soup to another month, after her physician declared she was free from cancer.

Sadly, about eight several weeks later, feeling healthy, and energetic, Betty flopped lower on her behalf mattress for any nap, and felt her collar bone snap. Tests demonstrated cancer within the bone, also it was aggressive. Her oncologist known her to a different physician who suggested some strong new chemotherapy, and frustrated her from returning around the oleander extract. In 2 several weeks the chemo had slowed down the bone cancer, but had also destroyed her renal system. She died per month later of kidney failure, never taking another drop from the oleander soup or Anvirzel’, which in fact had formerly saved her existence. But she reliable her oncologist, who had been very nice very persuasive. Fortunately, Betty did live to become 88 years old. She was really a heavy, two pack each day smoker since Ed’s father gave her a cigarette when she was 18. He died at 61 from heart disease, proportional to his heavy smoking.

Catrina have been coping with Hepatitis-C, a significant liver condition, which frequently results in liver cancer. She started making her very own oleander soup and required it, wishing it might stop her condition. It did. In under two several weeks, her Hepatitis-C vanished. Her liver enzymes were normal. It’s not came back in over 2 yrs. She’s shared the recipe with doctors from Mexico who’re dealing with poor patients with helps, cancer, Hepatitis-c, and skin psoriasis. A buddy of hers reviews her rheumatoid arthritis symptoms signs and symptoms go while using homemade remedy. She laughs when explaining the scene in her own kitchen, having a large pot of boiling leaves, and 2 Mexican siblings, physicians, standing there taking notes regarding how to prepare something not as difficult as boracho beans or chicken mole, two favorite Mexican dishes.

Later in 2003, Erectile dysfunction was surfing the web, searching for websites that recommended Anvirzel’. He found the Minnesota Wellness Directory website, and browse their remarks about how exactly good the prospects were with this new extract produced from poisonous oleander leaves. Erectile dysfunction e-mailed the host the recipe along with a short review of his research. Following the host, David, investigated the idea and also the soup recipe, including getting opinions from his herbalist and medical buddies, he released the recipe on his site in the June 2003 e-newsletter, with alerts about its use.

Not just one of his buddies reported an issue with the soup, and most of them reported their cancer along with other disorders were enhanced.

Live lengthy, live healthy, live happy!