Pierogi is among the first stuff that spring to mind whenever you discuss Polish cuisine. The main reason pierogi is really a well known dish is because could be prepared a number of different ways. The pierogi is really a dumpling that may be full of any filling of your liking. This is a recipe for pierogi full of sauerkraut.


2 glasses of flour

cup of tepid to warm water

1 egg

1 tablespoon of vegetable oil

teaspoon of salt


1 14.5 OZ can of sauerkraut

3 slices of sausage

cup of diced let’s eat some onions

2 tbsps of butter


Coat a clear bowl with cooking spray. Add some water, egg, and vegetable oil, and stir. Add the flour and salt before you create a dough. Go ahead and take dough from the bowl and knead it on the table covered with flour until it’s smooth and never too sticky. Roll the dough right into a ball, put it under plastic wrap, and allow it to take half an hour.

As the dough is sitting, prepare the filling. Cut the sausage into small squares and put right into a medium-sized pan. On medium-low warmth, prepare the sausage until light brown. Add some let’s eat some onions and butter. When the butter touches, drain the sauerkraut and combine it with the pan. Stir within the sauerkraut completely having a small fork. Lessen the warmth to low and canopy the pan. Allow the sauerkraut take twenty minutes, stirring from time to time.

Since your dough and filling is completed, it’s time to result in the pierogi. Have a large bit of dough and, having a moving pin, flatten it on the table covered with flour. Eliminate small, circular bits of dough utilizing a standard. Having a teaspoon, scoop out a tiny bit of sauerkraut filling and set it in the heart of the dough. Close the dough round the filling and pinch shut making use of your fingers along with a small fork. Repeating this method should yield about 20 piergoi.

Inside a pot of boiling water, add some pierogi, five at any given time. Allow them to boil for just two-3 minutes or until they float. Then, fry the pierogi inside a pan with butter and incorperate your favorite topping. They are prepared to eat.