Here comes the wet season again. Heavy rains, storms, ton everywhere this is actually the normal scene of Philippines throughout the wet season. But we dont need to be gloomy and sad. Why? Because when its wet season, we most of us have the main reason to long for our good hot meals to conquer the cold wet winds. And something of People from the philippines favorite meals throughout this year is lugaw. However I will not be speaking about lugaw today, things i will share for you is a superb partner of lugaw, and thats Tokwa. Simple it might appear, but we’ll add something kickin within this recipe that we’ll call as Sizzling Smooth Tokwa, a kicking sweet and spicy dish you’ll certainly love.

After I was at Pangasinan, I acquired a recipe magazine, and discovered relating to this recipe, I attempted to get it done and it is good, so I wish to share this recipe for you too. Tokwa or tofu in British came from in Japan, in which Japanese monks, because of their vegetarian character, attempted to produce a meat substitute using veggies (obviously! What else, right?). So that they attempted using soy beans to produce a meat substitute, plus they eventually been successful in performing it, and it is called now as tokwa or tofu. Japanese origin it might appear, but we People from the philippines find our very own unique method of taking pleasure in this healthy food choices with this own and different Filipino recipes. A lot for that tokwa, allows keep the cooking.

Do you know the elements with this Sizzling Smooth Tokwa? These are:

Oil for baking

5 pieces cubed tokwa

2 tablespoons of crushed garlic clove

1 medium onion sliced

cup sweet-chili sauce

cup water

Pepper and salt to taste

Now, you have all of the elements, allows start cooking. First , warmth the pan and pour within the oil. Fry tokwa until its crispy and golden brown (dont burn the tokwa, ok?). After baking, place it aside on the plate lined with paper towel to empty excess oil. Next, inside a separate pan, warmth 2 tablespoons of oil. Saut garlic clove and onion, the garlic clove ought to be golden brown before adding the let’s eat some onions, and also the let’s eat some onions should turn translucent, do that until aromatic. Then, pour in sweet-chili sauce and simmer. Now, add water and produce to some boil. Season it with pepper and salt along with other flavouring you want to include. Lastly, prepare it until thick and syrupy in consistency. Pour it on the top from the fried tokwa which was prepared not long ago. And thats the way you do your personal Sizzling Smooth Tokwa.

Tokwa in the own can also be wealthy with calcium thats great for the bones, and protein thats employed for building and repairing tissue. This dish may also be merged with fried seafood or grain.

The thing is, cooking scrumptious and healthy dishes does not always need to be complicated or costly. You just need just a little imagination to create normal dishes stick out and be remarkable dishes. By having an believed budget of 80 Php, you could have this scrumptious Filipino food. So, just expand your imagination, let the creativity flow in planning your familys dishes. And more importantly let your passion for cooking…and eating get the job done! Enjoy eating! 🙂