A Slightly Sweet ‘N Crunchy Baby Carrots Recipe


Here is a slightly sweet, easy baby celery recipe that will assist four to six like a side dish.

Like many people, I truly enjoy eating baby celery. I like them raw for any quick snack or to choose a sandwich at lunch. Whenever I are actually am rounding up elements for chicken dumpling, poultry noodle, beef and noodle, or vegetable soup, I basically insert them in the cooking pot without cutting up them up. Their small size makes certain that I haven’t got to operate over slicing them up for sauces but nonetheless they may be thick enough to be simmered for any very long time who are holding cards without shredding. Lower here is a recipe for baby celery because the side dish.


1 pound or 16 ounces of peeled, raw baby celery (if you use homegrown celery in the garden, you’ll need eight or ten celery within this recipe)

3 tbsps . whitened sugar

1 tablespoons of . unsalted butter

Pinch of salt

Water to pay for

Place the celery, sugar, butter and salt in the medium size pot and set water until it basically barely covers the tops of celery. Bring water to some boil after which reduce warmth to medium. Allow the water to evaporate as the celery boil and make sure pour in a little water at the appropriate interval to keep the celery from getting stuck towards the pot. Every now and then stir the celery to ensure thorough cooking. Keep on and prepare the celery in a gentle boil for 8 to 10 min or until all of the baby celery soft when tied to a fork. Drain all the water and serve either hot or cold.

You’ll be able to adjust this baby celery recipe for your own preferences by utilizing less sugar or salt. Prefer a more gratifying carrot recipe, add another tablespoon of whitened sugar. Make sure to adjust the sugar to water proportions to make sure there’s ample water to dissolve the extra sugar.

If excessive sugar is put into the celery and also the water within the boiling pot is not elevated, then your celery could risk becoming sticky sweet and there’s a danger for that sugar to lose within the pan. Savor every bite of the baby celery recipe!

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