Tave Kosi Recipe – How To Make A Perfect Albanian Dish


Due to its background and location within the Balkans, Albanian cuisine, like individuals of their neighbors’, have a strong Turkish influence. Because of previous occupation within Albanian territory, Greek and Italian influences is visible too. In Albania, lunch may be the greatest meal during the day, also it offers a way for buddies and family people to trap up while taking pleasure in a pleasant meal. Typical Albanian food is commonly wealthy and filling.

Vegetarians will like the truth that Albanian cuisine features a multitude of veggies and preparing salads. With respect to the season, it is simple to find tomato plants, salad leaves, celery, cucumbers, eco-friendly beans, garlic clove and onion. Oranges, lemon and figs would be the primary features if this involves fruits: although you will notice tangerines, peaches, prunes, apricots and cantaloupes too. While you go through Albanian cuisine, you will find that it features generous servings of garlic clove and let’s eat some onions, having a tart touch from either fresh lemon juice or lemon grating, completed having a hands of eco-friendly herbal treatments like dill and parsley, or cinnamon and cloves.

If this involves meat, lamb and mutton are crowd-pleasers, with chicken arriving third place. The liver, especially, is recognized as a delicacy. If this involves commonplace food, you will find that Albanians all enjoy eating a kind of corn bread that’s flat and pancake-formed, and could be damaged into piece, and loved with kos, an Albanian yogurt produced from goat or ewe’s milk, or cheese.

Tav Kosi

Tav Kosi can be viewed as certainly one of Albania’s most well-known dishes. It’s essentially baked lamb and grain offered inside a scrumptious yogurt sauce. Technically a simple dish to create, but Tav Kosi is extremely filling and tasty, and it is a popular comfort food for Albanians.

The Elements:

600-700 g lamb leg or shoulder

4 tbsps butter

2 tbsps grain

Pepper and salt (based on your likes)

For that Yogurt Sauce:

1 tablespoon plain flour

4 tbsps butter

900 g yogurt

5 eggs

Pepper and salt (based on your likes)

The Instructions:

Cut the lamb into 4-6 serving pieces, and season each bit with pepper and salt. Us dot the pieces using the butter. Set the oven at 350 levels. Put the pieces right into a baking pan and set it in to the oven. Bake for forty-five minutes, checking in from time to time to basting the lamb pieces using their own gravy.

Following the lamb has switched brown, take away the baking pan in the oven. Add some 2 tbsps of grain in to the baking pan, ensuring it’s taught in gravy. Leave aside for the time being.

It is time for you to prepare the yogurt sauce.

Saut the flour in butter until are both mixed completely.

Put the yogurt right into a bowl. Include pepper and salt based on taste. Do not do overdo the pepper and salt here since the lamb pieces happen to be seasoned. Stir within the eggs before the mixture is uniform.

Stir this yogurt mixture in to the flour and butter mixture within the saut pan. Stir until things are smooth.

Pour the combined sauce in to the baking pan, stirring it with lamb pieces, and bake at 375 levels for forty-five minutes.

This dish is better offered hot!

Note: Once the mixture cooks, the eggs inside it will make it solidify, dealing with the look of quiche. This really is perfectly normal.

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