If you see, the majority of Thai cuisine recipes are utilizing coconut milk because the elements. Thai coconut milk is made of fresh coconut meat and it is utilized in the building of curry, soup, baked, sauce, or even a dessert. This information will reveal the building of among the common dessert in Thai which using coconut milk because the elements.

Are you able to think of the sweetness of the ripe mango? Then let’s suppose it’s combined with taste of fresh coconut milk. Then imagine again, whether it offered chill, the same shape as a pudding. Think of the sweet, fresh, and cold sensation inside your mouth. Very tempting, is not it?

Then you need to do this recipe!


1 large mango

150 g of grain glutinous

50 cl of coconut milk

150 g of sugar brown powder

with this particular elements, you’ll have enough pudding for 4 persons. Each individual will receive a normal size bowl or cup of the sweet, fresh, and cold coconut mango pudding!

Here comes the step-by-step, it’s very simple and fast.

Preparation: fifteen minutes

Cooking: 35 minutes

Relaxation: 60 min

Total time: 110 minutes

Steps to make “Coconut Mango Pudding”:

1. Soak glutinous grain in cold water for one hour.

2. Drain the grain and pour right into a soup pot. Water it in 3/4 of the liter of cold water and prepare twenty minutes to simmer from boiling. When cooked, the grain ought to be very tender and water absorbed.

3. Drain the grain, pour right into a bowl. Stir in 4 tbsps of coconut milk. Mix well and chill.

4. Pour the rest of the coconut milk in small soup pot placed over low warmth. Add sugar, stir and produce to boil. Boil about fifteen minutes to acquire a smooth result. Let it awesome. Take away the core and also the skin from the mango, cut flesh into small dice.

5. Divide grain in small bowls, top with diced mango and sprinkle with coconut syrup. You are able to serve it now, or place it within the refrigerator for a few hrs before serving.

Another alternative would be to keep your pudding using the mango topping within the freezer. Soon after hrs, go ahead and take frozen pudding out, pour it using the coconut syrup and voila! Sweet, fresh, and cold sensation inside your mouth at the same time!